30.04 (2)

Had a relly nice day today =)
chill day in school
met the rapper EyenEye in town today =D
went to my classes in Lidingö
that went all fine =)

and then out of nowhere
David called me and asked if I wanted to performe at a place =P
and I was like "cool! =D"
all spontaneously XD
and now I´m chillin' for sure XD

watcher Cinderella Man =)


Jenny Wilson - Like A Fading Rainbow


Had a good time last night at the party^^
but came home so late...
and today we have something called "mösspåtagning" in school
so I gotta go in a while XD
this is going to be a looooooong day....
need a big breakfast and some sugar XD

SL is Shit!!!

i was riding on my roller blades
and wanted to take the bus home
the bus came and I had checked if it´s ok to ride with the bus with my blades on
and it´s was all green
no signs anywhere
not even on the bus
when I want to step inside
the driver starts to bug me...
starter screaming and shit
so I was like "Ok, just wait..."
I didn´t step of the bus
can´t let him win...

I came home
and called SL (bus & train company in Stockholm)
they let me speak to 3 different people
and all of them gave me the same answer
"I don´t know"
by this point I was so furious that I could have killed someone..
almost went berserk...
told them all to go to hell
and I reported the busdriver! =D

He though he was cool...
but he messed with the wrong person
I´m not done with him....

SL is SHIT!!!!!
fu*king morons working there...


One of my friends said something really smart today
"Ju mer du kan desto mer problem får du"
the smartes thing I´ve head in a long time XD

Nooooooooooooooh XD

I´m sorry!
but this song is good XD
hae no idea why I like it...
this song ain´t supposed to be liked XD

Lorie - Je vais vite


I´m dying!!!!
would feel so nice to go back to bed and wake up in like 2-3 weeks
and the thig is that today the dancers at Fryshuset have their graduating party X_X
so I have to go X_X
but it will be fun^^
just that I have to get som sugar right now (A)


So freaking tired right now..
can´t even walk straight...
would love to just pass out in bed and wake up in a week or two Z_Z


Ok this is not a joke...
Apple is coming up with an computer that has a 3D monitor
(You have to wear the shades that are included)
Don´t know the price or when it will be in stores
but this is just amazing...
so happy I could cry now... XD





I´m done!!!!!!
test is over and it feels so freaking nice!!! =D
thining of going to Calirootd and buy new pair of Vans =P
I really want the a blue pair of Vans <3 XD

Old School!!!!

Straight old school stuff!! =D
there is nothing like this these days
and there is no one that can do it like this!

The Time - Chocolate (Live at SNL)


Me like^^
fantastic song =)

London - Make A Movie


Metafyskien is done!
I´ve studied like a freak
and I will ace this test today
I deserve an hi5! =D

The Strip!

One more thing...
Next friday (7 of may)
there is a BIG party the The Strip, Södertälje
with Lazee performing!!!!!! =D
holla at me for tickets! ;)

27.04 (2)

My ballet classes are really funny these days! =D
people actually talk to each other
and it´s not as serious as before =P
I really like it now^^
more than before =)

Iron Man 2

I were at the preview of the new movie Iron Man 2 today!
the movie is awesome!
you´ve gotta see it! =D
both gunny and cool! =D
can´t tell you too much
the premiere is tomorrow =)


Don´t want to brag
buy I´m going to the preview of Iron Man 2 today (A)
so freaking cool! =D

You know what´s funny in the morning
when your alarm sets of
and you try to hustle the time
to make it go slower
or so you sleep faster
anything just so you can sleep a little longer XD


this is a true mindfu*k....
it´s a great illusion! =D


Just woke up and saw that it´s beautiful outside!
finally I can drop my winterjacket
and dress with a little swag
but it wouldn´t surprise me if it started snowing today -.-

Peter goes Mario


Space Cowboy

No clue why I like this song...
a nice chill song =)

Space Cowboy - That's What Dreams Are Made Of (Mork Mix)


Practiced a little in the gym near e
and started prcticing on my flips^^
here´s a tast of on of them =)
(I´m sorry for the bad angle and bad quality -.-)

Metafysiken Die!!!

If ANYONE of you knows whet "Metafysik" är
got an essay to read
can´t understand jack sh*t.....
too many fancy hi-tech words X_X


Went to the club 550 yesterday
NewZ had their releasparty so I went there to do some business
talked to the boss about my upcoming danceschool
and if he wanted to help me out =P
and he will^^

but the funny thing was
on my way home
waiting for the bus
a lady asks me if she can send a text from my phone
and I´m like "cool, here you go"
and can you imagine what the mother fu*ker does?????
she need a busticket so she wants to send an sms to SL
I stopped her in the last second...
can´t belivie d*ckheads like that are walking on the streets...
i apology for my bad language (A)


time to play some basketball!!!!

Roger bring it on!!!


And e little tip from me to you...
Mind your own business!


One of the best perfomances on Americas Best Dance Crew
by Beatfreaks!
from season 3 =P


I´ve been having a break since thursday (A)
so it don´t mean a jack sh*t that it´s saturday today (A)
going to cut my hair today^^
was a long time ago...
I look like a freaking lion XD

Suit FTW!

Bought a suit today!!!!
look like a real businessman!!!
so freakishly flash!
will put up some pics later
looka like a real pretty boy XD


Don´t forget to go se The Last Bounce!
This is Bounce´s final perfomance!
it´s so sad...
but it will be off the hook!
people have been hyping this for so long now! =D

Bigger Plates!

Made my som breakfast
and all I have to say is
we need bigger plates...
it´s glutted with macaroni
if I touch it,
it will all end up on the floor XD


Can´t get enough of Ryan Leslie aka R-Les
I´m surprised that he´s not more famous! =O
the dude is awesome!

Ryan Leslie - Valentine


Hehehe I´m free today too (A)
everybody has to do the national test today
but I´ve already done it
suckers... (A)

But ey...
my day is f*cked
I´m leaving in like 2 hours
and will be back tonight some time...
upcoming businessman ;) XD


I can feel how my life has a purpose again!!!!
a webpage that writes essays for you!!!
the dude that came up with this should get the Nobel prize!!!!!!!!!!!


had no idea Khaled knew how to make music!!!
finally he did something really good
I´ve been singing it for days now

DJ Khaled - All I Do Is Win (feat. Ludacris, Rick Ross, T-Pain & Snoop Dogg


But before I leave I have to give you an awesome song!
Usher is finally doing something good...
and not those boring "I love you" songs...

Usher ft. Will.I.Am - OMG


Been studying the whole morning
and now I got to get out of here to meet the Galago dudes =)
even cleand a little here at home^^
damn I´m good! =D

Sån Mode!

I´m not the biggest fan of sweidsh hiphop
but this dude got flow!
(old song, looked through my song and found it =) )

Sabo - precis sån mode (remix med Lorentz och Sakarias)

22.04 (2)

And my weekend starts today!!!!! =D
feels so good to have a longer break
but as always there is so much to do and so little time

And the people from Malmö are coming to town this weekend X_X
this time I actually have to be with them
I´ve been dissing them for a long time now (A)


Yesterday I left home at 7:30
and was back at 23:00
I was so freaking tired

I were at something called Kroki
it´s when you paint naked models
and I was like "aaaaaight, why not? (A)"
and when we got there I saw that the models were like 50 years...
I was so disappointed...
but it was funanyway^^


This is the last time I will talk about Petter album
but it freaking good!
the lyrics is so personal
and it´s like you get to know him

He´s one of the older guys in the game
but he owns it!
there is no swedish rapper (the raps in swedish)
that can beat Petter
He is swedish rap!


Got an english test today
hope it goes well =P
but it can´t be that hard^^
so I´m not realy worried

And after school we are going to a Kroki class XD
it´s a place where you draw naked people XD
I know I will laugh XD


The best song from Petters new album
straight from the heart
all respect to him!

Petter - längesen


Best soccer game on the right now!
Inter - Barcelona


Just saw the best episode of Americas Best Dance Crew ever made!!!
called "Champions for Charity"
the brought back all the winners from the 5 seasons
and let them perform for charity
you gotta see it!!!!!
I got so hype it´s ridiculous

Petter - räddaren i nöden

I´ve been listening to Petters new album the whole morning
it actually really good
you should check it out
it´s called "Räddaren i Nöden"
I´m usually not the biggest fan of swedish hiphop...
but this is something that my ears can handle =)

19.04 (2)

You see?
everytime a day starts our good for me
it ends up by me hating on everything...

But the fun the is that I used my roller skates for the first time this year^^
there is still alot of gravel around...
but soon I can ride for real =D

HATE 2.0!!!!!

I just have to hate one last time today...
the school is pissing me off!
sometimes I really think that the teachers are stupid or something...
they drain all of my energy like freaking vampires...

Need Nutella now to calm down...


The thing that I hate the most in the whole wide world
is when people take my hat/cap
or step on my shoes!!!!!!
a dude stepped on my sneakers today
and I wanted to punch him in the face!
why did he have to step on my shoes?!?!?!?!?!?!
people don+t think I´m serious when I say that...
from now on
I will suckerpunch every single one of the morons that step on my shoes!


I´m hype this morning
so this is the song you get =P

Livvi Franc - Automatik


Woke up all happy today =)
feelt so good to go to sleep last night
was freakishly tired...
before sleep I always text with my special 1 =)
and it makes me sleep even better^^
you should try it ;)

Tik Tok!

Great cover on Tik Tok by Magnus Weideskog!
(he´s swedish btw =D)

Ninja Assassin

Just saw the movie Ninja Assassin
it sure s a bloody movie XD
to be honest
the movie has no purpose XD
but it´s so cool! =D
the ninjas are awesome! =D

Wavin' Flag!!!

A true "feelgood song"!!! =D

K'naan & David Bisbal - Wavin' Flag (Canción Oficial del Mundial)


I love Sonic
so this is an awesome tee! =D
unfortunately I don´t know where to buy it =(


Told you Poreotix would win Americas Best Dance Crew season 5! (A)
one of their best perfomances!

Modern Family

Saw the new show Modern Family yesterday
it´s supposed to be THE SHIT
but it was aaight
I think it will be funny when it starts for real
but the first episode was just aaight...


Just 7 minutes until the NBA Playoffs begin!!!!!
looking forward to see Denver vs Utah
and Cleveland - Chicago

You can live stream it on www.bet365.se


A kid in my dance class broke the mirror today X_X
wasn´t sure if I should laugh or cry XD
but i had to keep my pokerface =P


I laughed my ass off in class a while ago
the teacher said
"när ni ska sätta på fosfatjoner"
I almost died XD


Didn´t got the fu*king Jalla scholarship
because they think it can´t be done...
and the thing is that I try to do something good in my city
but di*kheads like these don´n understand that..
and what bothers me the most is that the money will go to some completely unnecessary project...

But I can do it without their help
watch me turn shit into gold! ;)


Can´t believe that I like a Pink song...
but this one is amazing!

Pink - Funhouse

15.04 (2)

It was a clean day for me today
wore my newly washed jeans =D
I know that for like 99,999% of you people don´t give a damn
but it´s a freaking big deal for me!
and the cool thing is that
now when the weather don´t fu*k around
you can put on some swag
take your fat ass jacket and dress to impress =D

Hehehe =)

Hehehe funny song xP
and funny video =)

Snoop Dogg Ft. KiD CuDi That Tree


Just ate the biggest breakfast ever
preparing myself for this long day
have some  missions that I have to do
it´s not anything that´s hard to do
I´m just lazy... (A)


I won´t tel you my choices (A)
but I will say that my first pick is Danshögskolan
so I´m crossing my thumbs
I´m worried for the audtion because it´s apparently most modern and balett...
aka not my strongest styles....
but it´s cool!


Looked through my songs and found this one
awesome song!!!!!

Augustana - sweet & low (acoustic)


Trying to pick some schools for next year
but it´s impossible!!!
don´t know what I want god damn it
found about 4 different programs that I could like
but the problem now is to put them in order from 1-4 XD


just got my graduating cap^^
looks pretty ugly dude XD
but it´s mine
and a sign of me finishing school =)
so in that case

Slow or just Stupid?

I had the biggest fight with my teacher today
I really can´t understand how she´s thinking
how can she be so stupid???
it´s freaking unbelivable
she´simply stupid
sorry but it´s true

And the worst thing is that she took my lunch break to talk...

Ceder Blocks

Before my practice yesterady I was in town
and went to Designtorget
just for fun
and saw these blocks
called Ceder Blocks
they look like any wooden block
but the thing is that these blocks contain some shit that keeps your clothes fresh
(not wash your clothes)
but from small disgusting parasites that itches

And this is the best thing ever especially for me who don´t like to wash my jeans

Will give it like 2-3 weeks to see if it works =P

It smells good to =)


Yesterday was a very very cool day
I was invited to a basketball camp in Germany! =D
the only thing now is that I have to come up with about 6000kr...
or I can´t go-.-
but if it was meant to be I will get the money somehow =)

And the other thing was that a while ago
I signed up for working during the Peace & Love festival
and yesterday I got a mail that said that I could work there if I wanted
and the be on the festival for FREE
all I have to do is work for 1 day

And the only reason I want to go is because Jay-Z will be there!!!!!!!!!!!

but I´ll see if I will go...
not sure if I got time for that...

Super Cap!!!

I just found the coolest cap ever!!!!!!!!
easily on my top 10!!!
most awesome cap ever!!!!!!!!

Captain America New Era 59 Fifty Hat by tokidoki


As usual every time I have to go to school I wake up all fu*ked up
and I think it´s because my body knows that it´s a "schoolday" today
and automatically goes in to "fu*ked up mode"
however I have to eat now
I´m starving for gods sake..

11.04 (2)

Last day of freedom
and now it´s only 7 week left in school!
the upcoming week will fly by so fast
by thursday I will know if I got the JallaJalla thing
and by the end of the week we all have to comfirm our choices for university next year! =O


Not really my type of music
but this is bangin'!!!!!!!
dangerous song!!!!!

Noisettes - Don't Upset The Rhythm


Today was a dangerous day...
on my way home i lost my phone...
as i runned to the bus it jumped out from the pocket
and when I got home I realized the phone was gone
I was like "ohh maaaan.... why??"
so I went back to the spot where I though I´d lsot it
and there it was...
in 3 pieces
so I put it together
and voilá
I got my phone back


Don´t feel like writing anything today...
just a shitty day...

Jonas goes Hi-Tech

Best shit ever!!!!!
My son Jonas Valdés (not real son, but anyway...)
got his own radioshow! 
called Radio Streets
Press the link below to check it out!  <-------


You know what?
I´m watching Talang 2010 now
and I´m sorry to say this
but like 90% of them SUCKS!
it´s true god damn it...
and the thing is when someone is so bad
I´m embarrassed for them...

but it was one chick now that was siiiiick
great voice
big up!


New stuff from Karidal Offishall
this dude can make hits for real!



Trying to find a school for next year
I´m graduationg this summer and would like to keep studying the next year
but I can´t find anything I like...
does it have to be so freaking hard?
and the thing is when you read the descriptions of different educations
I realize that I don´t get a shit...
they use too many hi-tech words god damn it...

But I´m thinking of something called "design och produkt utveckling"
seems to be some hi-tech shit
and I like it that way XD

Calm the F*ck down

This has been a long freaking day
tired as hell
got alot of shit going on
it´s time to stop living the fast life...

Enough of that...
going to take a bath now
and then watch SuperBad on channel 6! =D


Was in town for a while yesterday
tried on some suits
and I´m serious now on buying the WeSc suit
it fitted me so good!
I was in love with my self XD

The thing is now I have to find shoes that will match Annas dress for prom
it´s kind of orange but more darker and almost a little pink
see what I have to go through? XD
but it will all be good in time =)


Alot of practice is waiting for me today
but I like it that way^^
and it may be time to starty studying for next week
it won´t be a chill week...
or maybe I´ll just do it later =)

you gotta check out MTV today
it´s a ROb & Big marathon!!!
that show is awesome!
love that show!!!

Geto Boys

Geto Boys - Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta


We´re supposed to be free this week but no...
I´ve been practicing and studying
but the bright thing is that it´s only 8 week left
and then school´s out for good!

don´t forget to watch Adam Tensta cook on "Halv 8 hos mig"
in like 5 minutes

Tetris for Real

This looks so fun!
but very hard...


Time to buy s suit
now when Iám graduating and prom is coming up
thinking of buying this one
from WeSc
so clean and fresh
would look really pimpy in that one (A)

WESC Luxure cachée - A104558653
WESC Luxure cachée Plus B - A104559653

Halv 8 hos mig

Haha yo!
you have to watch the show "halv 8 hos mig!
my man Adam Tensta is in the show this week XD
so awesome XD

Best song!

One of the best songs I´ve heard in a long long time!
I get all emonional and stuff when I hear it XD
love it!

Cass McCombs - You Saved My Life

Faaaail! XD

I just found the best pic ever! XD

Steph Goralnick

Awesome pics by the photographer Steph Goralnick
it took me a while to really see what he had done
and it´s so cool =D

World of Warcraft

I shouldn´t say this
but my lil bro bough World Of Warcraft
and the thing is that I´m also playing...
I´ve been bullying my friends for that game for so long now
and now I´m playing it my self...
call me a nerd
but it´s funyn god damn it! XD


Had fun last night
even though we changed our plans
we went to some pre-party and then home
but itwas great anyway
the people there were funny XD

Feels good to be home now
thinking of going out for a run
but I´m still on the "thinking phase" (A)


had a great time last night
by the time I got home I was DEAAAAD
and it was freaking cold
the place we went to was some kind of Indieclub
but I liked it
saw the most awesome people XD
but I can´t remeber the name of the place...
and btw...
the bartender was HOOOT (A)
And today I´m going out again XD
to a place called Fried Rice
some asian party^^
but I´m looking forward to it
I´ve become a partyanimal XD


So awesome dude!!
it´s actually called Parkour
and this dude can almost fly god damn it XD


Don´t know why but I´ve startet to love Vans
This is a shoe that every dude should have
the classic blue Vans 
Gotta love it!

Helium Pants

These guys ain´t the smartest you´ve seen XD
the fill up their jeans with helium

Internation Love!

Great chillin' song XD
love it! =D

Fidel Nadal - International love


Happy easter! =)

I have become a partyboy
going out to party today AND tomorrow
I´m not that dude that goes out 24/7
but I´m loking forward to it =)


Saw the movie Gamer today
and well...
the movie itself sucked...
so lame story...
but it was so cool!!!
so you should see it! =D

Step Up 3D

Omg thois trailer looks AWESOM!!!
the first 2 Step Up movies were aaight
but this looks dangerous!!!
can´t waint to see this one! =D

Worst Book Ever -.-

Just read the book "Dansfabriken" by someone (can´t remember...)
it´s worst book I have ever read...
I want the time back that I spent reading the book...

Italian man in Malta

Funniest thing ever!!!
best clip on YouTube ever!

I <3 my Jeans

The thing is that I love my jeans
I take care of them like a baby
all my jeans are dark unwashed denims
and that´s the kind of jeans that you´r not supposed to wash...
Have washed them maybe 2 times...
(and it´s not that disgusting as it sounds)
I want to keep the color and shape

And mom is killing me and telling me to wash them
so from now I´m only buying washed jeans
and I will wash them 2 times a day XD


Just woke up and I´m feeling so tired
so freakin' hungry but I can´t move...
thinking of going back to sleep
but I have to go to school god damn it...
the good things is that today is the last day
and then I´m free for a week! =D