The convention is finally over
it was fun att all but it has been a long day
we didn´t win any price
but the ones that did win didn´t deserve it...
people lived at our station
people played it the whole day and really liked it =)

And I just have to tell you how stupid some people are
we were supposed to have some candy at our station
so we sent 2 from our group to buy candy
and why do they go to a place that sells candy for 15.90kr/hg
and pays 500kr for something that could have costed like 150kr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so freaking annoying!!!!!

But I´m glad that the project now is over =)

Adam Tensta

Totally awesome song!
Adam Tensta kills every song!
and this beat is just so nice
check it out yourself =)

Familjen - Huvudet I Sanden ft. Adam Tensta (Remix) by AdamTensta

Perfect Song

So nice waking up and listen to this song
relaxing and it´s perfect for this morning =)

Tiger Lou - You Can't Say No To Me


had the most weird dream last night
can´t event remeber what it was
but I woke up all fu*ked up
feelt all strange and stuff...

And now I feel tired again -.-
but if I go to sleep I will miss the convention today
and I can´t do that XD

Star Wars tattoos

People sure do crazy tattoos...
check out some Star Wars tattoos at this link ->
pretty cool actually
but a little nerdy (A)



Got home now and after all pain our project is finished!
tomorrow we´ll put it out on the convention
the game is so good!
everyone likes it!
I´ll put it up if I can^^

Gotta eat now =P

Yes we can!

totally awesome!!!
Obamas famous "Yes we can" ain´t no joke
Yes we can = thank you satan (backwards)
just see these clips XD


I want a jeans jacket so bad
but I´m not really sure if I should buy this first jacket
or the second and classic look
I like them both! =O
price is about same
so that don´t help me either...


I don´t usually liten to house
but this song is cool^^

Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina - Stereo Love

Omg XD

As soon I posted something bad about a guy
all girls start commenting
got like a billion comments
I´m still going to hate on Taylor
but I ca compromise and say he´s cool because he can become a wolf in the movie =)

I Hate Taylor!

A few days ago I watches some parts from Twilight
and I can tell yuo right away
I hate Taylor!!!
(aka Jacob in the movie)
he´s born -92 and he´s big as hell!
1 year younger than me
and bigger than me... WTF?!?!?!
and I´m big god damn it XD

(he looks like a kid on this pic, but watch the movie and you will see what I´m talking about...)


Test is done
and I don´t know how to feel
not really sure if I made it...
and if I didn´t nail this one I will start throwing chairs and stuff
I studied the whole day yesterday
it´s like a threw a whole day away...


Last week and then it´s a break again!
I could so use a break right now
the cool thing is that this week is very chill
we will put out our project and let people see it (and test it)
prepare for that show
and we are free on friday
so this will pass so quick^^

And from today it´s only 9 weeks left in school!!!

Why Beyonce WHY?????

A few days ago my whole world fell apart
and not jsut for me
for all males in the world

Beyonce is pregnant.......................
Why did she have to get pregnanat with Jay-Z??????

If you wonder why some guys are depressed now
it´s because alla males hade some kind of hope that some day they would hook up with Beyonce
but now it´s offically over

I fell like bursting into tears right now


This whole day have I dedicated to studying
got a biology test tomorrow
and I´m going to nail that one
but I´ll make it up tomorrow for being so bad today with the update =)


Oakley's new shades
called "frogskins"
the thing is
when you buy shades
make sure they have  a fresh lens!
that´s why i like Oakley

Happy Birthday!

Almost forgot!!!
it´s my moms birthday today
so happy 29th birthday to her!!! =D
(not really 29)

27.03 (2)

Today me and Erik are going to shoot the thing for Idream
Jonte is supposed to join us but his mom thinks she´s a boss...
saying that he´ll come "if he has time"
but that´s cool
we don´t need him
we will ripp that stage anyway =D


Want to Fryshuset yesterday to watch the dance battle
and without kidding
people fucked me up
I got my ass beaten up
cursed at
and just fucked up...
and all because I didn´t battle...
Jonas (he was 1 of the judges) he was angry at me for real!
so next time I will battle

And later on I hade my classes in Lindingö
and the first (and youngest) group can realy push my buttons...
at first I was nice to them
but now...
ain´t no more mr. nice guy

But the other groups likes me =)
they opened their hearts for me
telling me about their lives and stuff

And 1 more thing
Monica came home this week and I got gifts from her!
so nice of her^^

Global Warming...

Tomorrow it´s the "lights off" day
when everyone in the world are supposed to cut all electricity out between 20:30-21:30
I´m sorry but I can´t do that
living like amish people...
that ain´t my thing
if we have to do stuff like that to lower the global warming
then I´m positive about global warming...
I don´t want to suffer just so it wont get a little hotter
and we could use some heat now...
it was a long time ago


best movie ever!
can´t wait to see it!
check out the trailer =)

Dance dance =)

Tomorrow me, Erik and my man Jonte will be shooting someting for a commercial or something
don´t really know what it is when Erik is the middle hand
but it will me fun
we just have to dance and that´s it =)
we don´t even have a corography so we´ll improvise on the spot

Battle in Fryshuset!

Today it´s finally time for Kims battle in Fryshuset...
she has been so slow it´s ridiculous
and the sad thing is that she don´t even stand a chance to win...
but it will be fun to watch
I wont battle today
had some "complications" with Kim
and now she won´t let me battle XD


Americas Best Dance Crew is back (in America of course...)
we are always 10-20 years late...
I can tell you right now that this crew
called Poreotix will get to the final
check them out!

And one more thing!...
this is so cool!
they made a coreography with jump ropes
they wont get so far
sad but true
you can´t make it any more interesting...
but it´s cool dough^^


After all this years 50 Cent finally made a good song!
about time...

50 Cent & Lupe Fiasco - through the window

Grannfejden 2.0

I will start by saying
God I´m sorry, I will curse now... XD

But my fucking neigbour thinks he´s some kind of king (not Roger, he´s cool)
but the 1 to the right...
screaming all he wants 24/7
slaming door and shit
If that dude don´t calm the fuck down I will have to suckerpunch him...
thinking of signing up for Grannfejden XD

Sick Dude!

What the f**k?
this dude is good at everything god damn it...
but it´s totally aswesome!
he got some sick tricks for sure!!!


I feel like not going to school today either
got no important lession...
but I got a test coming up
so maybe I have to study a little bit

It´s time for breakfast again
and today I will make sandwiches in the oven!
so good!
I´m almost drooling XD

Electric Feel

I´ve been raping this song for days now
it´s so good!
I´ve earlier postedthis song with the Adam Tensta remix
but this original version is just as good like the Tensta version! =O


Today is a day off fro me
will go out and take a run
MAYBE study
and tonight it´s VerbalJam in Husby
so if you live in that area go check it out

But now it´s time for breakfast!!!!
there are 2 breakfasts everyone should try
1. Hotdogs
2. COCO POPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


JabbaWockeez are back!
their new show is called Müs.i.c (muse-i-see)
and can be seen in Hollywood, Las Vegas etc...
don´t know how much the ticets are
but alot i guess...
these dudes are so freakin' good!

23.03 (2)

I´m so tired right now
just want to sleep and wake up tomorrow all fresh and on top
maybe it´s time to organize a little?
can´t continue like this =P

I´m out for today


Victor Kim

Victor Kim (jupp, he has 2 first names XD) is a member of  Quest Crew
he is the biggest guy in the crew and still are amazing!
his technique is just amazing
and I love the beat! =O
it´s also made by him

Water Slide

I´ve always wanted to go on a water slide that looks like this!!!
but this looks dangerous for real
u can check out more slides here ->


Practice last night was hard god damn it
haven´t been playing for a while now but the coach dont care...
my legs hur like hell
but i guess that is good^^

Yesterday I called to Bobbys hairstudio to hook me up with an appoinment
but they are busy the whole damn week
I have to cut my hair as soon as possible
look like a freak right now XD

I was walking around in the city when I saw a dude that looked exactly like Eddie Murphy!!!

Final Fantasy 13

I´ve been waiting for so long
and finally the new Final Fantasy is here!
so amazing god damn it
Final Fantasy 13 is a game that yo have to play!
if you dont have it yourself
you can drop by my house and play with me

Climbing Your Ceiling

Why does this guy have climbing grips in the ceiling?
but it look really funny though
would love to have this myself 

Super Scale

Hahaha awesome!
a scale that don´t shows your weight
but it shows what you should eat according to your weight
designed by Ji Lee


Every sunday feels like a day to hate
it´s too damn close to monday
just as this week next week will be full of dance and hard work
our school project needs to be done by next week
and we are far from done
but the brightness this week is that it feels like this week will be over so fast
and then it´s almost a break again

Haven´t really been thinking of it but soon I´m out of school
and then I´m free!
dont know what I will do after shool
just know that  will be rich! =D


Almost everyone has hear it and it´s true
Lil Wayne is in prison
and sure he belongs there for many reasons...
he´s ugly
sounds crack
but come on...
look at him
he will get raped in prison...
loves his music
so do a favor for all Weezy fans and buy a shirt!

(click on the link and a HUGE pic of Nicki Minaj or Shanell will appear
but be ready...
these chicks ain´t no joke...)

Soulja Boy

Haven´t been posting any songs for a while now
so I go hard this time
Soulja Boy has really stepped his game up!
awesome song
awesome video
awesome style
keep it up man!

Soulja Boy - 2 milli

20.03 (2)

The snow is finally melting away
and hte time has come to start training again
I saw my legs a few days ago
and dude!!!
I got chickenlegs now god damn it...
never been this skinny in my life
looks sick...
but just wait!

Was thinking of playing basketball with Roger today
that dude still thinks he can beat me


I have nver been so glad to sleep like last night
sleep like a baby
woke up like a new man
and started my day with joke

Had the best dream ever!
i was a ninja!!!!!
don´t have to say more than that
but it was awesom!

Home sweet Home

I´ve actually had a really nice day^^
on my way to my class i met a friend of mine on the train
the classes went shockingly good!
I´m so glad that it went so good
on my way home I met som friends from Fryshuset that were on there way to The Strip
(club here in Södertälje)
and on my bus home I met a classmate

Seems like people are stalking me!
but I´m happy they are =)

But right now I´m so close to be dead it´s sick
can´t even move
just want to eat, shower and go to bed!

Rubiks for Blinds

This is for the really smart people
a Rubiks Cube for blind people!!!
the colors are replaced by Braille symbols
I can´t even do it...
and I can see all the color and stuff...
it embarrassing god damn it

Designed by Konstantine Datz

I would love to see him solve it...


Once again it´s friday and I have to go to Lidingö
i swear to god
if the kids don´t listen today I´m going to kill each and everyone of them...
but the good thing is that I get free Festis over there =)

Gotta go now or I´ll be late
wish me luck

Anna was a hair model yesterday and god damn she was pretty! =O
for real, for real =O


The american architect Bryan Berg recently succeded to break the world record in nuber of cards stacked
he used 218 792 cards.......
it took him 44 days to complete
I wonder what he would do if I would "accidently" pull one of the bottom cards?

Alice in Wonderland Dance!

For all of u that has seen Alica in Wonderland (great movie btw)
u know that this dance is crazy!!!!
The Mad Hatter does the Futterwhacken (have no clue how to spell that)
I so have to learn this dance!!!!


I was supposed to go to Fryshuset today and watch the dance battle
but as usual...
Kim sucks... so the battle´s moved to next thursday -.-
she has been  doing like this for more than a year now...

But the funny thing today is that Anna is a hair model! =D
looking forward to see the result^^

And if I have time I will also get a new haircut =P
thinking of going to Bobby =P
I got a friend that works for him =)

Cali clothes

Cali updated their website yesterday! =O
it looks fresh! =D
and I´ve found more clothes I want from them (A)
it´s time to get rich now...


I took a day off from school (A)
we have a "relexation day"
and that means that I can be home (A)

but the cool thing is that some dude called me and wants me to come to a casting for some commercial for LG =O
so I think I´m going there today^^

and I´ve just been out for a run! =O
long time ago...
but now I´m back^^


Finally I´m home..
after a long day with alot of dancing =P

performed in Rinkeby today
and it was the easiest money ever XD
dancer for 1 minute and got paid =D

but the weird thing was that when I went to the toilet
they had UV-lights...
why the hell do u have UV-lights in a bathroom? XD
when I came out I was blind for 5 minutes XD

GINGERMAN x2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gingerman x2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
The South Park dudes are awesome! XD
that just had to hate on him XD
the sad thing is that the real dude sounds like someone from South Park XD
fat angry gingerman, what more can u ask for? XD

Ultimate song!!!

it´s true...
it´s the song from the game Robot Unicorn Attack!!!!!!!
best song and best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!

Jalla Jalla!

After all stress and wonder what I was going to do
the last day...
I went to leave my application for the Jalla Scholarship! =D
thanks again to the dudes at Galagowear for helping me out! =D

btw chech their new clothes out! ;)

(and if u look at the video with Renio u will see me dancing ;) )


Yesterday me and Erik got the clothes from Galagowear for the performance we did with Renio
I will put up pics of the tees and caps later on ;)
but they sure are nice =D

check them out on

1 Year!!!!

Today it´s exactly 1 year that i´ve been together with Anna!  =D=D=D=D
the time has just flew by! =O
and it´s has been great!!! =D

The Strip with Renio Poli

Last night I performed as a backup dancer with Erik for Renio Poli
we were really good^^
at least people told us so XD
I felt like Jay-Z
we got free drinks
I gave people free passes (even people I didn´t know XD)

will put up some pics if I have time (A)


Yesterday I hooked up with Galago dude and Renio
we went to Renios crib and that dude got his own studio! =O
but it was fun =)
they are chill people
wa sat there for hours and talked =P

So don´t forget to come to ThatHype! (A)

Treehouse 2.0

Omg... this is just amazing...
these houses are made entirely from wood....
imagine having a treehouse like this...

treehouse1 Top 5 The Most Amazing Wooden House

timber1 Top 5 The Most Amazing Wooden House

woodland1 Top 5 The Most Amazing Wooden House

sou1 Top 5 The Most Amazing Wooden House

thomas1 Top 5 The Most Amazing Wooden House
thomas4 Top 5 The Most Amazing Wooden House

Chat with God!!!

This is awesome!
do god owe u money?
u want to ask him if he´s black?

chat with god here

Sucko -.-

Man i suck...
I touch that I was supposed to performe in Rinkeby yesteray
but noooo
it´s next tuesday X_X
I was looking and asking people for the location
no wonder I didn´t find it...

Today I´ve got a meeting again =P
with the dude from GalagoWear and Renio Poli^^


Today is going to be a long day...
got a perfomance in Rinkeby right after school
then my ballet class
and then a meeting with my man Polki

but at least it ain´t no boring stuff^^

Eating my breakfast now and preparing for school^^
gotta go soon =O


best video ever!!!!!!!

The Oscars

Yesterday it was the Oscars
and this is the "Oscars dance" XD
performed by MADD Chadd
this dude is sick...
won´t say more
just look =P

Back in Business

The break is over and I´m back on track =D
I was too lazy to write anything so I just didn´t do it (A)
but I´m back now^^

This week is crazy...
Got 2 performances, meetings, ballet class, physics test, practice, my own dance classes, a party to go to
and somehow still try to have a life XD
but I like it this way =D
this week will be over so fast I wont even have time to blink =P