This is going to be a chill day
my dance classes were cancelled today...
feels nice to be free^^

But it use the time go find a job =)
I´m not rich yet...
so I still have to work like everyone else =P

LEGO Camera

For us that loves LEGO this is awesome! =O
this camera works for real!!! =D
the price is about 10 000kr
but it´s so worth it!!! =D


good lyrics as usual =P
freakin' nice beat! =D

Lil Wayne - Down In The Studio (Feat T-Streets & Mack Maine)


Tomorrow´s the last day before the break and I can´t wait!!! XD
I´m not going to do anything special during the break (A)
but still!!!!
but I have to check for some universities & stuff! =O
would be cool to go to America =D

but now I have to fix some stuff for the JALLAJALLA scholarship! =D
50 000 kr!!!!
it would be so nice to get that money =P


New clothes at Cali^^
and I love this cap and tee!!!! =O
these are mine fo sho!!!!!!

LEGO Awesomeness!

This is for real...
Dave DeGobbi built this by him self XD
don´t ask me how or why...
but it´s cool! =D

he sure knows how to play with LEGO =O

SL, it´s winter again!

I don´t knwo about u guys
but now it´s enough with all the late trains, busses and beeing late...
today I came about 1 hour late to school thanks to SL...

When will they realize that winter comes every year???

Skateboard on COPS

Epic getaway XD
the police sucks... (A)
how hard can it be to catch a dude on a skateboard? (A) XD


For the first time I want to go to school today!!!!
u know why?
cuz today we´re getting pancakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and dude when I´m done in school I promise u that I will be 10 pounds heavier

Glowinthe dark paper

so cool XD
toilet paper that glows in the dark XD
how awesome isn´t that? XD

SL still suck....

After the movie we though we´ll go to the train and it will all go as planed...
the train was more than 2 hours late...
and they had no clue when they would roll...

So we took a cab
and that drier was crazy XD
so freakin' funny XD

sure we came home late but I had a nice day =)


I went to see the movie Avatar yesterday
everybody´s like "it´s the best move ever!"
and I´m like "sure it is.... punk...."
so i saw it yesterday
and I´m sorry but
IT´S AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will so become emo now...
I want to live in that movie!!!!! XD


worlds largest dodgeball game XD
1200 students playing dodgeball at once XD
but seriously...
if u can´t hit one of these students then u really suck.....

Gspot Mouse

I wont say anything...
a picture says more than a 1000 words...
but dude....
this is taking it too far...
designed by Andy Kurovets and called "Gspot Mouse"

I really want to know if he is aware of what it looks like....

Boutique Fräsh!!!!!!

Today if the day goes as planed I´m going to Boutique Fräsh!!! =D
I know that none of you knows what that is...
but it like this...
it´s a big event/show for brands like The Hundreds to show of their spring/summer collection
so it´s a big clothing event! =D
with over 70 brands =D


I was supposed to go climbing today again...
but noooooooooo
it was some kind of competition
but they wont let me compete because they´re afraid of me (A)

They tell me that you have to be an "eployee" at Astra to be able to compete-.-


Just chillin' in school
I´m done for this week
but this day is far from over.......
I have 3 dance classes today with the kids in Lidingö =)
maybe it´s time to commit suicide? XD

And speaking of suicide XD
check this out =P
-> http://existenz.se/out.php?id=21257


Don´t ask me why or how...
but PUMA has made a phone...
don´t know what i can do or can´t do...
all I know is that it will be launched in like 50 days...

To me it looks cheap...
somehtin I would whipe my ass with...

The Puma Phone

Shaun White

And for everyone who didn´t see it
Shaun White (aka the flying tomato) won the Olympics!!! =D

can´t find the link to post it...
but watch his run here -> http://svtplay.se/v/1894162/shaun_white_forsvarade_sitt_os-guld

Hi Hater

Once again I had no practise today...
and this is getting really annoying........................
all I want is to play ball
and people wonder why I´m hatin' so much...
NOW U SEE WHY!!!!!!!!


don´t really know what to say....
designer Dominic Wilcox made a two way toothpaste...
why would you make something like this?
u think u smart now?
naaaaah... u dumb....


It´s time that I started writing something XD

I got no more math in school! =D
and I´m so happy for that...
math ain´t really my subject...

and once again I start at 13.30 today (CHING CHING! =D)
going to make me a biiig breakfast XD


Long time ago...
but here´s a new song^^

Can´t hate even a little...
Lazee still has the flow!
and Apollo does his thing flawless =)

Lazee ft. Apollo Drive - calling out

Photoshop XD

this is what happens when a man has t much free time XD
but it´s funny =)

Adobe Photoshop Cook from Lait Noir on Vimeo.

Expandable Chair

So freakin' cool! =O
an expandable chair that´s made out of cardboard =O
designed by Chishen Chiu

Killer Instinct!!!

After school I though I would go and fix some shit for my upcoming dance studio
I was like "it´s cool, it won´t be so hard to get this done, for once I´m doing something good"

The dude I had to talk to wanted to beef...
didn´t even want to talk to me like an adult...
and I can promise you that he thinks he´s getting away with it...

But listen...
I´ll be back boy!!!!!!!

I´m going to open the studio
even if I have to go through you!

Studda 4 life

this dude can´t talk like a human being...
but his rap...
don´t know what to say...
he shocked me...

Greg Street Presents Cyhi Da Prynce - Studda & Im 100 / NEW
Uploaded by PeteRock. - Watch more music videos, in HD!


As the true fan I´m
I have to love this...
so f**king awesome! =D

I want the left one (A)


Yesterday was valentine's day and i hope all brothers out there didn´t forget! =O

Cool Card

For once this is something that´s good...
a card that shows how much money you got on your bank account
it´s still not made...
but the idea is good^^

The only thing is that I can´t use it...
there are too few digitis...
my salary wont fit (A)

Live Checking Cards

IGotBigAssPocket Pants

so cool XD
a pair of jeans that are supposed to fit your Ipad XD

and the weirdest thing is that these are really going to be able to buy...

Stop Motion

a little too much spare time...
but still! =D

All-Star game!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is the first All-Star game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(rookies all-star)
but still! =D
and jonas Jerebko is playing!
he´s our only swede in NBA =P

but tomorrow is the real deal...
the real all-star game
with the best players

and Lebron James will be in the dunk contest!!!!!!



these shoes are HOOOOOOOOOOOT!
especially the first pair.....

damn those shoes...
they got me hooked XD

MY MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



This dude is the king of kings
master of masters
pimp of the pimps XD

just read the damn thing

it´s freaking long...
but i promise you it´s worth it...

Worky Worky...

Just came home from Lidingö
and I´m tired XD
but it was actually funyn =)
them kids are all over the place...
but they are still babies =)

But it would be so nice to sleep right now XD

NEW BOYZ!!!!!!!!


YOU´RE A JERK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

Mishka 2010

So cool backpacks! =O
Mishka sure is a weird brand...
but I love it! =D

the left mine is mine (A)
So if I see someone with it I´ll have to beat his ass (A)

Mishka NYC Spring 2010 "Keep Watch" Backpack


Tomorrow is my first class at Lidingö =)
I will tech babies from 8-10 years
and hopefully be able to make them listen to me XD

But right now I have to watch a movie =P
I were supposed to read a book in school til tomorrow
but I don´t get a shit...
and now I got to know there was a movie -.-
so stupid... -.-

Bank goes owned XD

this farmer is gangsta!!!!
he´s throwing dung at a bank because he´s unsatisfied with them XD

Super Mario


Super Mario is the shit XD


Some commercial that only allower here in Europe
and I don´t really get the point...
but its completely useless =D
so I have to post it^^

DJ hero XD

This dude right here is a true old school DJ XD
scratching for his life XD
after like 10 sekonds it gets really annoying...


Just saw that facebook has a new look AGAIN...
I like how it looks =P
but I just goot used to the last one -.-
and it feels like the new look is to high tech

But for now, me likey^^


Hahaha ain´t this some shit? XD
coolest towel ever! =D

Stupid Madda Fakka

i´m sorry but this b*tch is stupid XD
she wants to look like Jessica Alba by having an extreme makeover....

I can see why she wants to look like Jessica Alba (A)
but there can only be 1 Alba....


I´m going to tell you something...
what I really think about math, the german language and all other subjects I have


I´m done =)

Gun Art

Don´t know who made these pieces
but he sure likes weapons =P
(and yes, I´m sure it´s a he XD)
I think it´s cool =)

But I wouldn´t like to meet him face to face XD
he can´t be fully normal XD








One of the best shows ever made!
I didn´t miss one single episode when I was a kid
still remeber this show...

So freaking good...

Oh Lord...

Oh my god.................

Pharrell used to be the shit!
until I saw this...

What was he thinking when he put on these shoes?!?!?!?
He looks like a space retard......

I like the color of the first pair
but the design...
I feel like I´m going to puke on them...


Just came home from the audition
and I think it went pretty good^^
people liked it and they came up to me and said it =)
one girl even asked for my autograph =)
so I asked for hers too^^

But for real...
It was like American Idol for kids...
80% of the competitors are singers and like 10 years old..........

I had a good day =)
meet alot of people and got to do my thing^^

Star Wars!

Adidas continues with the STar Wars thing =P
I like it except for the Darth Varder shirt XD
that shirt is just too much XD
but I would so wear it! =D


One of my favorite songs from back in the days!
Fantasia sure has a great voice!
listen to her other tracks!

Fantasia - When i see you

Talang 2010!

I wasn´t planing to do this...
but tomorrow I´m going to the audition for Talang 2010!
hopefully I will make it to the show
and then win that shit! =D
u gotta vote!!!


Some friends from Malmö came up here to the civilization
so I hung out with them =)
did nothing special =P
but it was cool to meet them again^^
we are planing to go to Spain this summer on a dance camp =P


For all the bboys out there!
good song, good dancing

Rockin' Nation - Breakin' It Down


Just a regular day...
Been in school and practicing
and now I can´t move XD
but it feels good =)

but in school I get mad as hell...
we are making a computergame
and I´m working with some fucktards....

Cali Spring

New clothes in Cali Store!
and as usual I have to show all the new stuff I´ve added to my "I want" list (A)
If u have like 1000 bucks and feel like u want to give them away
don´t be shy to buy som clothes to me (A)

I really love these shoes
especially the first pair!!!


This cap and tee...
I´m so happy right now i could cry...

The dude that came up with these should get the Nobel Prize
cuz he is a fu**ing genius!

Oh crap...
I told my self to not cry...
but I can´t help it...
DGK The I Love Haters New Era Hat, Hats for Men


Starting school at 13.30 so I´m just chillin' at home
eating food, listening to Kid Cudi and doing som new figures with my beads^^
maybe Í´ll show them later =P
or maybe not (A)
thinking about playing DJ Hero =P
but it sure is a long way to the livingroom... XD


Found 2 pairs of shades that would fit me perfectly this spring (A)

Balmain x Oliver Peoples
Balmain x Oliver Peoples 2010 Sunglasses

Oakley Spring 2010 “Fade” Frogskins
Oakley Spring 2010 "Fade" Frogskins

NES goes sexy XD

Some dude came up with this idea to make this "sexy" outfit XD
looking lika a nintendo controller XD

Super Guitar

Look at this! XD
a guitar with no strings
this is just so unnecessary...
and it looks cheap...
but it´s  so cool =D

Ride or Die XD

Today we went to Romme
and yes, I was snowboarding
for all you haters out there I can only tell you that you can´t hate right now!
I was actually really good =D
ain´t no Shaun White
but god damn it im pretty close!

Right now I´m so tired I could die...