Tomorrow we are going to Romme with the school
and for the first time in my life I´m going to snowboard!
and I´ve heard that they have built ski jumps! =D
don´t get surprised if I break a leg XD

Shaun White I´m coming for you! XD


A bunch of unknown artists (except for Soulja Boy)
and still this song is the shit!!!!
I´ve been raping it for days now XD

Roscoe Dash feat Breethe & Soulja Boy - all the way turned up

Street Star! 2.0

Today I´m off to Street Star! =D
I slept like a retard so I´m a little fucked up right now XD
but it will be cool =)

Street Star!

Tomorrow it´s going down!
One of the biggest dance events of the year
you gotta be there!
a battle between the best of best!!!
Breaking, popping, locking, house U NAME IT!

Converse 2.0

Converse is upgrading their shoes
and their new collection looks like this
honestly I don´t know what to think...
I like the colorways but I´m not sure about the shape...
btw... it will be more colorways to choose from =P

Converse Japan January 2010 Footwear - Trio CC, Marine Sea Hi, All Star Chukk Mid

Yellow submarine

A tes sub in shape of a submarine
so freaking cool! =D
i would drink tea all day long if I had this XD


The new high tech thingy from Apple
it´s calld Ipad
and its just all high tech shit put together
containing mulittouch screen, games, TV and all other stuff
don´t really know the price but i´ve heard that it will be around 10,000 kr

I want this, NO DOUBT! XD


Dress to Impress

I struggled for hours with the new design of the blog
and it still didn´t come to look the way I wanted...
but i´m happy with it^^
and I didn´t sit for hours (A)
but it feelt like it...

High tech toys

This is so cool!
these small pieces all contain moving pictures
and is the new generation of board games

these days kids don´t have to play with toys...
the toys can play with them selves...

Kid Cuddi

Kid Cuddi sure knows how to make music!
one of the best rappers today!
no doubt!

Kid Cudi- Cudderisback


I finished school at 4
and just came home...
i waited for the stupid bus for 45 minutes...
and when I got on it i was frozen...
when the driver finally decided to go i was like
"cool...about time..."
then that madda fakker stopped and drove backwards...
and by that time Í had reaced a point where I could kill...

It took me almost 2 hours to get home...
and im supposed to be home in 30 minutes... X_X

Feminine Vibe XD

Yesterday after my ballet class there was a feminine vibe class that I joied XD
and it was actually really funny!
I´m seriuosly thinking of joining that class =O
haha it doesn´t seem gay at all XD
first the ballet and then feminine vibe XD


I just read in Metro that a man was arrested for jacking a car =p
in the game Grand Theft Auto XD
it took place in Tampa bay =P
damn some people are stupid...


Jay-Z, Bono, The Edge & Rihanna came together and made a song for all people that dying in Haiti
the song is ok...
it could have been better =/

Jay-Z feat. Bono, The Edge & Rihanna - Stranded


This watch is just freshness itself!
designed and made by Geoffrey Cooper
me like!


My practice yesterday was the best ever!
the most funny and hype practice i´ve ever seen
we got to fight (for real), people dunked and peaople actually runned
it was like rumble in the jungle
i´ve never seen my team play like this
i have no idea were that hype came from XD
and today my whole body hurts...


Another week has began and it´s all as usual...
but the good thing is that I have no test this week! =D
and in the weekend my schedule is full XD
but I like it that way =)


This dude here sure is a genius in baggy jeans! ´
amen brother!


I really wonder why Drake isn´t more famous...
lately he´s been killing every track =O

Dancelife =)

I the day goes as i´ve planed it´s going to be alot of dancing =P
today there is a free workshop for lapdance aerobics, salsa, reggaeton etc...
and the i´m going out to Lindingö for a while to talk about my new job =)

Rock, Paper, Scissors

This is so cool!
you are actually playing rock, paper, scissors against your tee!
you have to sit in front of a computer that has a webcam
and on your screen a hand will appear that you are going to play against! =O

Crybaby (A)

We just ha biologyclass and everyone attacked the teacher XD
she´s a bit fucked up...
and as usual she did something wrong...
so we took the time to take her down (A)
and we were so close to make her cry!!! (A)


Levi´s made this dog out of denim jeans XD
and u can actually buy it...
it´s so awesome! =D

Levi's x CRAM JAM CHEST Sit Puppy

More clothes

I love these pants...
and the Star Wars tee (A)

Jeans "Nixon" - Elefunk Grey

More clothes ...

I´ve been looking around
and as usual i found more clothes i want (A)

Stussy x Strictly Rhythm 20th Anniversary T-Shirt

Bape Kid Cudi x Milo Party T-Shirt

(i don´t want these... they just look cool =D)

Great Dance! =D

Haha look at the short ugly guy XD
he just made my day XD

Reebok x Armani

This have to be the most weird combo ever...
Reebok & Emporio Armani are working together...
and i´m nut sure that anyone will buy this crap...
im sorry...

A First Look - Emporio Armani x Reebok EA7 Collection


Today´it´s my first day on my balley class =D
it has been a long time since i did that
but now i´m back in the game =D
looking forward to it^^

Oh God...

Today is the day when my new schedule screws up my life...
these last months are going to be like hell
so don´t get surprised if I start hatin' some more (A)

Mad skills 2.0!

I seen dudes with skills
but god damn
this is just mad skills XD
all respect to you!!!

Project Runway

I just watched the show Project Runway
and realized that show is as crappy as all other shows...
they claim that they know fashin
but they don´t know a jack shit!
they are sending home the best designers and the crappy ones are still there...
I used to like that show alot =O
and now I´m hating on that too -.-

Monster Beats by Dr.Dre

Everyone has seen them but no one known where to buy them or who made them
they are called Monster Beats by Dr.Dre
and they are the best headphones on the market
you can see him cooperating with Lady Gaga
and she even got to design her own pair of Beats

Beats by Dr. Dre


Just as a good boy I woke up early
but went quickly back to bed and fell asleep XD
today Filip is going to a diner
so he has to dress up^^
and that means I can use my bow tie!!! =D


This dude right here got some real skills...
Ben Hinkley sure is a brave man
and all respect to him for making this trick...
but to be honest i would like to see him crash and brake every bone in his body (A)

Adidas x Star Wars

Adidas recently made a whole new Star Ward clothing collection
and this is the commercial
it´s really cool actually^^

Watch this!

My watch fetish is still here XD
but i think i im not the only one that wants these watches =P

G-Shock "Swagger"
Don´t know where to start...
only 100 pieces made and will be dropped in Japan in February

G-Shock x Swagger

Franck Muller Aeternitas MEGA 4
This one got the title "world´s most complicated watch"
made out of 1483 pieces and took 5 years to design...
designer Franck Muller want 2,7 million dollars for this piece =P


These shades are mine!
or you know... I want them... XD
Next time i buy shades it will be these! =D
A pair of Von Zipper's ;)
dress to impress! =D

Solglasögon "Elmore" - Black White/Grey

Yeezy Tuxedo Hat

Kanye are everywhere right now
making soes clothes and caps =D
and it looks good! =D
this is now one of the caps i´m aiming for
and the best is that it glows in the dark! =D

Hella Tight Yeezy Tuxedo Hat

matte -.-

Jag slösar min tid, jag blir irriterad, jag anstränger mig, men jag pluggar ändå
och även fast ja krigar som en riktig tjur så klarar jag inte matten...
en gång i tiden va ja faktiskt bra på matte
men mitt hopp är inte dött än
ska visa alla att ja kan matte! XD
just watch me  

Filip vs Matte E

Idag har jag mitt matteprov
så idag får man se om jag verkligen har pluggat ordentligt under lovet...
hoppas bara på det bästa just nu =P
varje mattelektion undrar jag vad jag gör där och varför jag valde det X_X

Nicole Scherzinger ft. Akon - By My Side

Brand new track from Akon and Nicole Scherzinger (damn... spelling her name ain´t no joke...)
not the best song ever but still good =)

Nicole Scherzinger ft. Akon - By My Side


Nu har skolen börjat igen -.-
hoppas att man har pluggat tillräckligt nu under lovet
nu e d bara sista terminen kvar sen e ja klar med skolan!!! =D
vettefan vad ja ska göra efteråt...
men d löser sig då^^

Sniper Watch

This watch is dangerous!
the radar/ sniper look makes it so cool
to be honest the watch ain´t that nice... but i still want it! =O
 ( don´t know why =S)


Sherlok Holmes

Såg Sherlok Holmes igår på bio
och den är mycket bättre än man tror den ska vara! =O
den borde ni se!
visst blev man lite konstig efter filmen och trodde att man va lika cool som han...
men det va det värt XD

Robert Downey, Jr. & Jude Law in Sherlock Holmes

Air Max

New Nike Air Max 90
with the US team coloway
a shoe that I might wear^^


Baletten igår va faktiskt riktigt rolig
även om dansarna inte va de bästa...
men ja hade kul ändå =)
nåt ja kommer göra igen^^

Vaknade ganska nyss å ska snart åka till min match
sen ska ja på bio med Monica
så har fullt upp idag =D


No, you can´t play games with this one
it soap XD
and not just any soap... it´s the best soap ever! XD
check it out on ->



Idag ska Filip gå på en balettföreställning
nämligen Nötknäpparen =D
Filip goes kulturell ;)
ska faktiskt bli kul, d e min första balett som jag går på =O

On fire!

this crackhead is still in the game and he´s still killing it!
his latest video
I got nothing to hate on right now XD

Lil Wayne - on fire


This is one of the new Nike spring 2010 prestige shoes
exclusive for footlocker! =O
i like the color on the shoe
so it´s a yes for me^^

Nike Spring 2010 Prestige High


Fick lust att börja spela Super Nintendo igår igen =O
å eftersom mitt riktiga e lite konstigt...
så laddade ja ner en Snes emulator och massa spel! =D
ett spel alla borde prova e Pocky & Rocky!
men fortfarande så finns det inget bättre spel än Super Mario
folk kan säga vad de vill but SUPER MARIO IS THE SHIZZLE!!!!!!!

hell yeah =D

Great song^^
believe it or not, but even here in Sweden we deliver ;)

Jennifer Brown ft. J-Son - Get It Right (K-One RMX)


Hahahahahahahaha man har sett folk som bytar
men d här e värst!!!
här i Sverige har vi inte KFC
vi e bättre än så...
vi har JEFC XD
en billig wanna be
check this out ->
Erik visade mig d idag å ja höll på att dö XD

d här gjorde min dag XD

go hard!

The X Factor winner Alexandra Burke is really steppin' it up!
sure the lyrics sucks....
but the song is good! =D

Alexandra Burke ft. Flo Rida - Bad Boys

So u think u can dance

So U Think U Can Dance är tillbaka på riktigt nu
å för en gångs skull så e ja ganska nöjd med de som är med
d e inte bara massa balettdansare å jazzdansare som visar hur bra de tekniskt
my man Bboy Legacy kommer döda folk!
å krumparen Russell e inte att leka med... killen e AAAARG, därför han krumpar så bra XD

Nike Air Yeezy!!!!!!!!!

Tänkte visa upp mina nya skor! =D
inga mindre än Nike Air Zeezy's!!!!
skorna som ja pratat så mycket om =D=D
finally they are mine!

Ja vet iaf att Erik kan döda mig för de här skorna (A)


å bara för att göra det värre så ska jag visa musikvideon där Kanye West har just de skorna =D


Här e musikvideon en kompis har gjort^^
han e 1 av de som sjunge =P
check it out^^

Chisue - kiss the sky


Vaknade tidigt idag men ja tror inte den här dagen kommer skilja sig speciellt mycket från igår =P
måste fortfarande plugga å d e fortfarande skitkallt!
får se vad man hittar på idag^^
ska inte spela spel nu heller för då kommer ja fastna å inte få nåt gjort-.-

Matte E is going down!

Ny året har börjat å skolan närmar sig sakta men säkert
precis så där sakta att man inte märker det
men ja e smartare än så!
ja pluggar för fullt
speciellt matten! håller faktiskt på med matte E ;)
(fråga inte varför, för det vet inte jag heller...)
men god damn ja ska klara d!
ska bevisa något! vet inte vad... men något!


These photos are just sick!
and totally awesome! =D

Post it!

Hur coola e inte de här post it lapparna? =O
skulle mest leka med de (A) men ändå!
d e kul att se hur gubben blir flintis XD


Paaaaartyyy! XD

Va på Chaplins Bar igår och firade nyår =)
va inte riktigt det stället man ville gå til från början, men ja hade riktigt kul ändå =)
en bra början på det nya året^^
nu e jag redo att bli rik oxå (A)
så om ni ser mig på tv med titeln "världens rikaste man" så bli inte förvånade (A)