Where u at?!?!?!

My birthday´s coming up and I finally think I know what i want =D
the shoe that Kanye West designed for Nike
Nike air Yeezy
you can´t tell me that they aren´t nice! (A)
but expensive as heeeeeeeeeeell
and there is no store here i Sweden that sell these shoes so they are hard to find....
but i can´t decide what color I should have......

Nike Air Yeezy Preview | March 2009

Nike Air Yeezy Preview | March 2009

Postat av: Erik Pretty InfamousBastArDBoy Anoff (with supaah Swaagg)

You cant tell me nothing i neeed them!

2009-11-09 @ 00:10:42
URL: http://eriano.blogg.se/

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